Master Chang's Martial Arts

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Chapel Hill After School Care at Master Chang’s Martial Arts

Our awesome after school care program, complete with school pickup, meets the needs of every child regardless of grade and belt level. Students are offered Taekwondo classes daily depending on where they are in a belt system. All of our after school students are not only able to test to move up in our belt structure, but it is highly encouraged! Not only will they expel some energy with the daily martial arts training, but we also work on their educational needs too!

Homework is done in our nature themed room and is checked for completion and accuracy. Our ocean themed room houses the cubbies where students can leave their uniforms for the week but is also our reading room. To help you and the teachers we have all students read for at least for 10 minutes daily.

Upon completion of homework, they move to our space room where there are numerous activities for them to do. Some of the activities are individually structured like puzzles and coloring, while most work on teamwork and cooperation. There are many things options and activities to keep everyone interested! We offer care till 6:00 pm with the option of extended care if needed for an additional fee.